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Clene Nanomedicine

Financing Rounds

  • Series D+
  • Public
Round Led by Symbiosis
Round Led by Symbiosis

Clene is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on revolutionizing the treatment of neurodegenerative disease with potential first-in-class nanotherapeutics to treat energetic failure, an underlying driver of many neurological diseases. The Company’s lead drug candidate, CNM-Au8, is an oral suspension of gold nanocrystals that drive critical cellular energetic metabolism in the central nervous system (CNS). CNM-Au8 increases energy production and utilization to accelerate neurorepair and improve neuroprotection. Clene has also advanced into the clinic an aqueous solution of ionic zinc and silver for anti-viral and anti-microbial uses.

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Development Status

  • Phase 3+