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Financing Round

  • Series B
Round Led by Symbiosis

Biosplice is pioneering first-in-class, small-molecule therapeutics based on CLK/DYRK kinase modulation. Stemming from foundational discoveries in Wnt pathway modulation, Biosplice has elucidated novel biology linking CLK/DYRK kinases to the therapeutic regulation of alternative pre-mRNA splicing, as well as other biological mechanisms with significant therapeutic potential. Alternative splicing is an essential biological process that regulates the diversification of proteins in a cell, which, in turn, determines cell type and function. Biosplice’s target class governs the selection of tissue druggable targets within the specific pre-mRNA splice sites, making these kinases attractive, cellular “command and control” center. Biosplice’s drugs in clinical development include lorecivivint for osteoarthritis (in Phase 3), cirtuvivint for numerous cancers, and a broad pipeline that ranges from Alzheimer’s disease to other degenerative conditions.

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  • Small Molecule


  • Circulatory & Metabolic Disease
  • Neurology
  • Oncology
  • Other

Development Status

  • Phase 3+